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If you wish to proceed further, you can purchase a deeper and more extensive report based on your results. However, you can always start with the free test – and then decide to buy your own personal extensive SWOT report. is a Danish research and software company that uses analyses that are normally only used in recruitment at IPA Nordic. We have researched how to report back to dynamic people without a person between the analysis and the feedback. Therefore, the report is built around a personal SWOT analysis that gives you a fantastic feedback in straight-forward language.

For decades, cand.phil. Flemming Olesen has researched the connection between management and personality. In the past 20 years, this research has been the common thread in the projects he has done for a range of customers.

The vision of it has always been…

…to find and prove the connections between personality and excellent management through extensive research.

This vision has been the foundation of every tool that Flemming Olesen has developed.

In cooperation with a Swedish consultancy, Flemming Olesen has created the biggest research database in Scandinavia, containing analysis results from more than 20.000 managers and employees. The framework of the database makes it possible to carry out both basic research as well as more tailormade research projects for concrete companies.

Flemming Olesen is certified in Sweden by STP, Stiftelsen för tillämpad Psykologi. They have measured the analyses based on 14 parameters, and the research has been certified as the best developed tool of its kind in Scandinavia.

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